Precedent i2


Golf Car  
Highest level of safety, durability, reliability and performance golf car for smooth and fun golf game.

Imported Golf Car
A wide variety of high quality imported golf car brands from USA. are available to serves client in all golf functions. Golf car equipped with various options and accessories to make any golf game smooth and entirely fun.
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Brand Club Car
Passenger Capacity 2
Dimensions / Size L232 x W120 x H174 cm
Wheelbase 166.4 cm
Weight (Without batteries) 224.5 kg
Ground Clearance 11.4 cm
Power 3.3 hp
Battery 6 units x 8volt
Charger 48 volt variable with on-board computer
Steering Self-compensating double reduction dual hydraulic shocks
Brakes Mechanical drum brakes on rear wheels
Speed 5-19 mph
Body Formion