Basic golf car manual 
How to Charge Golf Cart Batteries
I. Inspect your golf cart batteries before you charge them for leaks or other damage. Use your eyes and your nose. If you smell rotten eggs, it means at least one battery is leaking and should be replaced, not charged.
II. Look at the cables and posts on your batteries and check for damage and debris. Wipe them clean each time before you change them so you know that charging them won't damage the wires or cause battery failure.
III. Tighten the vent caps on each of your golf cart batteries prior to charging them. If any of the caps are cracked or broken, replace them before you charge the batteries.
IV. Plug in the batteries to the charger or into a wall outlet, depending upon the type of batteries you have. Follow the manufacturer's directions to properly charge them.
V. Fill each of your batteries with distilled water to keep the leaded plates inside the batteries totally submerged.
VI. Fully charge your batteries overnight for best results.