The new definition of sport electric car

The E-MERGE series offer a new neighborhood commuter choice of sporty and dynamicride,comes with all-in-one benefits of remarkable design, eco-friendliness, safety and fun. With a top speed of 40 km/hr and a range of over 48 km. per charge, the E-merge brings the whole new concept to local travel. A new generation of vehicle called a low speed vehicle (LSV) that is both Street Legal (in some countries) and safe. There is always an Emerge model to fit your unique lifestyle.
Brand Tomberlin
Passenger Capacity 2
Dimensions / Size 2400 x 1120 x 1800 (LxWxH mm)
Weight (Without batteries) 539 kg
Maximum Speed 40 km/h
Voltage 48 volts, six 8-Volt lead/acid Batteries
Kilowatt Hour Capacity 8.78
Maximum Power 12.5 Kilowatts/ 16.7 HP
Maximum Range 48+ km.
Available Color Red, Blue, Black
Standard Features 500-Amp Controller Emergency Flashes Two-Speed Switch (Golf or Street) Locking Glove Boxes High/low Beam Headlights Custom-Tooled 10''Aluminum Wheels