GEM CAR ASIA mission is to sell and provide superior service to our clients realizing that transportation is human basic's need. We will help develop personal and mass transportation to be more environmental friendly and more economical by using new technology which at the same time help preserve natural resources and develop a better environment.

We will offer only finest quality product and service to our clients. The way the finest quality product and service will well rooted in our business practice.

We will retain our market leadership by continuous research and develop to produce high quality alternative energy vehicle domestically to substitute importation in long term.

Our mission is to pay back to our society by helping improve environment and society. We will do our business by living up to shareholders and business partners' expectation. At the same time we will extend opportunity to our employees' career advancement.


Chairman's words

"Customers trust and accept our products and services during the past 50 years of our business path. We are always confident that what led to our business success today are our continuous attempt to develop our business potential, high quality services and our honesty towards our customers."

Anantachai Kunanantakul, Chairman